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API allows:

 - Submit pickup points list

 - Get orders

 - Submit order statuses

Stages of integration

Connection points

To integrate with the Pony Express information system, we provide a one-stop service.

Production environment

You can connect via the WCF service, or through the asmx service It is preferable to connect through the WCF service, since the asmx service serves for backward compatibility and the development of this technology has been stopped by Microsoft.

Test environment


Interaction with the service is carried out according to the SOAP protocol.

API methods

To interact with the service, you need to use the SubmitRequest method. It takes 2 input parameters:

  • accessKey – partner access key to the universal Pony Express interface;
  • requestBody – XML string describing the request.

In response, the method returns another XML string that contains the result of the query.

To generate the correct XML, you can use examples of queries, as well as xsd-schemes, which can be obtained by the access key at the bottom of the page

Access keys

To obtain an access key, you need to contact the responsible PE manager, who will create a contract in the Pegasus PE system and initiate the issuance of the access key by sending an appeal to the service desk.


Testing is carried out on a test environment.

To test requests, use a self-developed application.

You can also use the web form at to interact with the Pony Express information system manually.

In addition, you can use the utility to test requests: SoapUI


Questions about using the API can be asked here:

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